About Nova Bus

Nova Bus knows that each city has its own reality and that buses often operate 24/7 in highly variable conditions. That’s why we’re not building just any buses – we’re building your transit solution.
Driven by your needs, Nova Bus sets its expertise to developing transit solutions that can handle the toughest challenges. We are providing sustainable transit solutions, including environmentally-friendly buses, high-capacity vehicles and integrated intelligent transportation systems.
Nova Bus is part of the Volvo Bus Corporation. Being part of a large international conglomerate provides Nova Bus – and more importantly its clients – with cutting-edge expertise, exclusive synergies and financial solutions.

Our Mission

We create customer value through our complete offer, with superior quality, safety and environmental care for customers with high expectations in selected markets. We are responsive and work with commitment, energy, passion and respect for the individual.

Our Values

Customer Culture
Respect for the individual and teamwork

About Nova Bus

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