A sturdy, reliable structure is the foundation of a well-built vehicle. At Nova Bus, safety and low maintenance costs are also built in. Our buses far exceed APTA White Book crashworthiness requirements. They are designed to resist the toughest operating conditions with no midlife overhaul costs.

Smart Safety Features

Nova Bus vehicles provide best-in-class protection against impacts. Our unique design has been engineered to maximize driver and passenger security.

The front of our structure is reinforced with two parallel stainless steel tubes, creating a protective cell for the driver in case of frontal collision.

The high frame stiffness and structural integrity of the LFS platform increase passenger comfort and safety. Our buses are equipped with side-impact barriers, made from the best alloy, to offer superior resistance in the event of a side or rear collision.

During crashworthiness tests, a velocity of 25.79 mph (41.26 km/h) was recorded by the speed trap just before the bullet vehicle impacted the bus. The collision resulted in maximum permanent deformation of 0.35 in. (9 mm), far below the White Book maximum permissible deformation of 3 inches for the passenger area. In addition, no sharp edges or protrusions developed in the bus interior after the impact.

*** Click to view video. Nova LFS crashworthiness test ***

At Nova Bus, we never compromise on safety - it is part of our core values. That’s why selecting the Nova LFS is a Smart Choice.

It also means opting for the industry’s best rear structural protection, a significant strength since the vehicle’s main components are located at the rear of the bus.  

Long live the fleet

Our single structure platform requires minimal maintenance and was designed with transit operators in mind. Our buses have successfully passed Bodycote/Enova NY and Ortech fatigue tests. They require no costly anti-corrosion treatments that impact warranty or structural overhauls. Considering an average refurbishing cost of $55,000 per bus, this is a definite added value.

Nova Bus vehicles are built to last. And as part of Volvo Group, our team strives to design high-quality, innovative products that reduce the frequency of accidents, as well as their consequences.

For more information about our Smart Safety Features, please contact your Nova Bus Regional Sales Manager.


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