Nova Bus mechanical designers did meticulous work in redesigning the rear section of our vehicles. New features were included in the configuration change and special attention was paid to make it even more functional and convenient for maintenance staff. We are proud to introduce this brand new look which complements our revamped interior design and will contribute to rejuvenate the image of your service in your community.

Easier maintenance and safety check

Our large and well organized rear engine compartment makes maintenance and safety checks easier for technicians. Its new features include a highly resistant painted aluminum door and extra-strong hinges. The engine compartment door is slightly higher than our previous design, improving accessibility. Engine and components are also accessible from inside the bus as a three-seat-wide access comes standard with our new interior design.

The radiator compartment rotating door has been modified to provide better access to the surge tank, fans, piping, and harnesses. It also offers better access to the radiator attachment points on the vehicle structure. The radiator grid is now fixed to the structure instead of being part of the rotating door.

Improved air circulation within compartments

Optimizing the air flow in the engine and radiator compartments was an objective set by our team of engineers from the start of the project.

A convection system forcing air circulation and heat out of the engine compartment is integrated over the engine door louver. This facilitates heat removal while maintaining an even temperature throughout the engine compartment for optimal performance.

New aluminum fairings were integrated to the top sides of the vehicle structure. These fairings protect the radiator and its hoses and improve the thermal aspect by channeling hot air outside the radiator compartment for optimal system performance.

Safer and looking better than ever

The objective to improve our vehicle’s resistance to rear impacts even further while keeping a strong focus on mass weight reduction was achieved by integrating a new type of material.

The removable side corners and rear light supports will now be made of thermoplastic PolyOlefin (TPO), a plastic blend providing an exceptional combination of stiffness, impact resistance and dimensional stability. TPO presents excellent resistance properties which will result in fewer replacements in service for transit organizations.

Our new rear design counts fewer parts and maximizes security in the event of a rear end collision. And those smart innovations are wrapped in a fresh new look that will definitely turn heads!


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