Gilles Dion, President and CEO of Nova Bus, had the pleasure to introduce a project dear to his heart: Transportation for a Better Life, at the 9th edition of the ATUQ Annual Conference.

Transportation for a Better Life was established four years ago by the Monique-Fitz-Back Foundation, the Ministry of Transport of Quebec, Quebec City’s RTC and Nova Bus. Today, eleven additional partners support the cause.

This project gives a voice to children on the issue of transportation and promotes their involvement in the community. Educational activities initiate them, starting from elementary school, to the challenges brought on by our travel patterns and habits.

Following class discussions, the children are invited to participate in a drawing contest to share their understanding of the issues and illustrate their solutions.

"It's amazing to witness the children’s level of awareness on the impact of our transportation choices. When children let their imagination run free, they emerge as the greatest inventors of sustainable transit solutions. It is very inspiring to see this young imagination in action, isn't it?” said Mr. Dion while pointing to the collective mural created from the artworks of the 2011-2012 drawing contest.

Indeed, young people involved in the project Transportation for a Better Life are pleased to see their efforts highlighted at mural openings on the theme: The Future of Transportation: My Vision. Some of the young participants are also proud to see their artwork aboard more than 1300 buses in Quebec.

Although several members of ATUQ are already partners of the project, Mr. Dion invited all public transit organizations participating in the conference to merge their efforts to promote this forum offered to young people.

"I applaud the leadership of Mr. Dion and Nova Bus team for contributing to the project since its very beginning," said Benoît Mercille, CEO of the Monique-Fitz-Back Foundation.

This year, a new feature aimed to join college and university students to the project. The Change the pace of traffic poster drawing contest asked students to raise awareness among 17-25 year-olds about alternatives to single-occupant driving.

The authors of the two winning posters will have a chance to see their work exhibited in advertising spots in major cities across Quebec.

For more information on the project Transportation for a Better Life project, please contact Guylaine Gelinas, project manager at the Monique-Fitz-Back Foundation or visit (website available in French only). 

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