We have seen remarkable progress in improving bus service in North America in the past years. A plethora of new projects, which vary drastically in terms of size and cost, have joined the small initial number of operational rapid systems. Attracted by the high potential ridership gains in exchange for low capital investment, several transit authorities adapted the Bus Rapid Transit concept to meet their cities’ increasing service demand.

Not every city requires the same level of investment in order to achieve its transit goals. Cities must choose the level of service that is right for them, based on local congestion and density, location of key destinations and physical characteristics of the corridor.

The Select Bus Service in East Manhattan, NY for example, is a project on the path to a complete BRT Service as it does not include exclusive and protected bus lanes. Its implementation has improved travel times by a 20% and enticed thousands more New Yorkers to ride the bus.  This successful bus service uses Nova Bus LFS Artic vehicles designed for efficient and high capacity service. Check out this video to find out more about the Select Bus Service

Moving transit fast-forward

Nova Bus has the vehicles and tools to help you achieve your BRT objectives. The LFS Artic and the LFX are both certified to withstand the toughest North American operating conditions. Both can integrate the ITS4mobility system, designed to be a source of business intelligence for transit authorities. This smart technology accelerates vehicle diagnostics, helps manage the fleet and provides passengers with next bus arrival announcements in real time.

Our team of experts has the North American know-how to adapt Volvo’s global BRT expertise to your city. Volvo Bus is the world’s leading supplier of buses for BRT systems, with an 80% market share in articulated buses in Latin America. No other transit bus manufacturer in the country enjoys such advantages. We partner with many transit authorities such as Capital Metro Austin, TX (MetroRapid), MTA New York City Transit, NY (Select Bus Service), Quebec City RTC, QC (Métrobus) and York Region Transit, ON (Viva) and participate in the success of their bus rapid service.

Nova Bus vehicles do more than transport passengers from point A to point B. Our buses will move your transit organization forward by giving you the best in dependability and fuel efficiency, all wrapped in cutting-edge styling.

Find more information about our transit solutions:
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