The Nova Bus team was delighted to take part of Capital Metro's MetroRapid service launch event on January 27. Brand new Nova LFX articulated buses are now rolling on the streets of Austin, offering riders a more convenient and efficient bus service. 

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The new buses run every 10 to 12 minutes during the weekday rush hour to help people get to their destinations faster. Each vehicle features the latest in technology – a bus that is running late can send a signal to the city's traffic signal system, which will extend green lights by seven seconds in order to let the bus drive on.

And that's not the only time-saving aspect of this service. Capital Metro has a new app allowing riders to buy tickets and plan trips directly from their mobile devices.

The buses are also Wi-Fi enabled — perfect for those trying to get a bit of extra work done — and connected to GPS, to take the guesswork out of when the next bus will show up.

CAPTION: Linda Watson, Capital Metro president and CEO

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