At Nova Bus, optimal safety for driver, passengers and major components are built in. Our buses far exceed APTA White Book crashworthiness requirements. They are built to resist the toughest operating conditions. And as part of Volvo Group, our team strives to design high-quality, innovative products including Smart Safety Features that reduce the frequency of accidents, as well as their consequences.

Structural protection cell for driver

A sturdy, reliable structure is the foundation of a well-built vehicle. The front structure of Nova Bus vehicles is reinforced with two parallel stainless steel tubes, creating a protective cell for the driver in case of frontal collision. Ultimately, that means offering your driver the best possible operating conditions.

Side-impact barriers to protect passengers

The high frame stiffness and structural integrity of the LFS platform increase passenger comfort and safety. Our buses are equipped with side-impact barriers made from the best alloy, to offer superior resistance in the event of a side or rear collision.

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Rear end structural reinforcement

Exclusive to our transit buses in North America, structural rear impact barriers are a definite value-added feature since the vehicle’s main components are located at the rear of the bus. Not only does this protect your bus engine, it also protects your wallet in the event of rear impact.

Single windshield

The Nova Bus windshield provides maximum visibility to the driver, improves lighting and reduces blind spots to play a key role in preventive safety. In addition, its design eliminates the need for special tools, epoxies and sealants, reducing costs, labor and vehicle downtime when replacement is required. You will also be pleased to know a standard single windshield replacement costs less than $450 and can easily be completed by 2 people in less than 30 minutes.

All-wheel disc brakes

All-wheel disc brakes have been our standard for years, increasing your drivers’ and passengers’ safety. Balanced by design for optimal stability, they reduce braking distance by approximately 50-ft at a speed of 60 mph (15.2 m at a speed of 97 km/h). In addition, disc brakes increase vehicle uptime as the relining maintenance cycle is reduced from 8 hours to 2 from the ability to resurface the rotor directly on the axle.

At Nova Bus, we never compromise on safety – it is part of our core values.
And that’s why selecting a Nova Bus vehicle is a Smart Choice!

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