Nova Bus and public transit – we share a history!

Since the very first bus rolled out of our plant years ago, our engineers have been focused on developing and integrating the latest technology into the most resistant and durable structure possible.

Offering transit buses tailored to your city’s needs is what we stand for.

Our customer culture has shaped our company from its earliest days and is deeply ingrained in our DNA to this day. Customer satisfaction and operational excellence are our top priorities.

The Nova Bus story is far more than building buses. Our story is about the cities and private operators who benefit from our proven vehicle platform. It’s about the communities who use our products to improve service while cutting life cycle costs.

It’s about the province of Quebec integrating the latest hybrid technology to its fleet. It’s about the city of Red Deer offering a greener way for its citizens to travel around town. It’s about Capital Metro in Austin and Clemson Area Transit finding their own way to reduce congestion in their cities. And there are many more of these great stories, closely tied in to our success. Our team takes great pride in supporting our partners in their innovations.

Change is a part of progress. And we are constantly improving our processes to adapt them to the new reality and to our vision of continuous proximity with our business partners.

When it comes to investing in partnership, you won’t find a more dedicated manufacturer than Nova Bus.
We are committed to your satisfaction. We are driven by your city.


Jean-Pierre Baracat
President of Nova Bus, a division of Volvo Group


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