Having the opportunity to live an autonomous life is important to everyone and the capacity to travel between home and a chosen destination is an integral part of self-sufficient living.
People need to travel daily to places such as work, grocery stores and doctor’s offices as part of leading productive, healthy and independent lives. Certain people with disabilities rely on paratransit services to get where they need to go while others prefer to use public transit for daily mobility.

Faced with the unavoidable increase of an aging population, some cities are moving forward to ensure transportation access to all, including residents with disabilities and senior citizens in their community.

Since 1996, Nova Bus has offered the Nova LFS, an accessible, low-floor vehicle to help your city enhance the autonomy of its population. Our buses are equipped with an integrated, ADA-compliant flip-up ramp with a 1:6 slope ratio which improves passenger boarding. The ramp’s design optimizes available floor space at the front of the vehicle, while also being light, durable, simple to operate and easy to maintain for transit authorities. Combined with the front kneeling system which reduces the ramp angle, our Nova LFS can readily and safely accommodate baby strollers, along with manual wheelchair and mobility scooter users.

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Our buses can feature a loading capacity of up to three wheelchairs, with an option for integrated locking devices to secure them. The wheelchair area can also have a dedicated next stop announcement button. This button has a distinctive sound which informs the driver that the next stop is required by a disabled passenger. With that in mind, the driver can respond appropriately and pull closer to the curb, for example.

Bright contrasting color is added to designate flooring variations, allowing visually impaired users to easily identify potential tripping hazards and find their way inside the vehicle. Color can also be applied to grab handles to highlight them.

Enhancing the quality of life and preserving the autonomy of riders by integrating specialized features and accessibility solutions. That’s smart!


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