Nova Bus team share Clemson Area Transit’s excitement at introducing their new “Bendy Bus” - the very first articulated bus in South Carolina. The high-capacity LFS Artic bus officially went into service on February 18. CAT’s Bendy Bus will help the region solve congestion problems and… make history! 

Reducing local congestion and improving quality of life

CATbus plans to use their new LFS Artic bus on their busy Red Route. This route, which runs along Highway 93 from downtown Clemson to Central, S.C., is well known in the area for its popularity.

“University Students, faculty staff, senior citizens and Clemson residents all ride the CATbus Red Route for school, work, medical appointments and shopping,” says Al Babinicz, General Manager of Clemson Area Transit.

“One Bendy Bus will replace the need for two regular buses on the CATbus routes and take as many as 100 cars off the road, reducing congestion and improving the quality of life in our community,” he continued.

Many cities are afflicted with congestion problems which definitely create a lot of stress on all drivers. The LFS Artic is the ideal vehicle for urban routes. It helps increase service efficiency and capacity while reducing overall operating costs and emissions.

A Smart Choice

Acquiring an articulated bus was a smart choice that fully met Clemson Area Transit needs. The Bendy Bus was built in Nova Bus’ Plattsburgh, N.Y., plant and is 100% Buy-America compliant. The accordion middle of the bendy bus was made in South Carolina, as were the seat fabric and tires.

“They are many advantages to owning a Bendy Bus like saving money, saving time, reducing congestion and improving air quality,” says Babinicz.

And when we asked Mr. Babinicz why Clemson Area Transit selected the LFS Artic, he replied:

“Great management team, excellent after-market support and the LFS Artic has a reputation for reliability, maintainability and performance. Implementing innovative technologies like the Nova LFS Artic will help us achieve our goal of lower overall operating costs while serving a growing ridership base in Clemson and the communities we serve. The best is yet to come.”

Renewed partnership

In addition to this new articulated bus, Clemson Area Transit recently added five 40-ft buses to their fleet and is expecting another articulated bus this summer. We are glad to see Clemson Area Transit renewing their partnership and trust in Nova Bus. And we are thrilled to share with them the pride of making history in South Carolina; let the Bendy Bus roll!

CAPTION: Al Babinicz, General Manager of Clemson Area Transit standing inside the new bendy bus.

Read the press release.


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