Nova Bus is proud to renew its partnership with ATUQ, the consortium of the province of Quebec’s nine transit authorities. The 475 LFS HEV hybrid buses chosen by ATUQ will features a 6.7 liter Cummins ISB diesel engine combined with the BAE HDS200 series hybrid drive, comprised of a rooftop battery system and an electric motor generator which replaces the regular bus transmission.

Renewed partnership

ATUQ is a longtime key customer of Nova Bus’, with their partnership stretching back to the seventies. This new agreement represents the single largest order for hybrid vehicles that the Volvo Group has ever signed to date.

“This order underlines the strong relationship ATUQ and Nova Bus have developed over the years,” said Jean-Pierre Baracat, President of Nova Bus. “ATUQ has renewed its confidence in our company and vehicles once again, and we are glad to continue to work together to further enhance transit services in our communities.” 
The nine transit authorities that make up ATUQ operate in nine cities of over 100,000 citizens each. They serve slightly over 50% of Quebec's population and account for over 90% of public transport trips made in Quebec.

By selecting the LFS HEV, ATUQ has chosen to offer a productive, comfortable and sustainable people mobility solution to its users.

It has been proven that bus hybridization can lead to significant gains in efficiency, but optimum system configuration and potential gains in efficiency are highly dependent on the application.

Parallel hybrid vs series hybrid

There are two different types of bus hybrid systems available at Nova Bus: parallel and series.

In the LFS HEV parallel hybrid bus, the combustion engine and the electric motor are both connected to the driving wheels. The electric motor is designed to provide power during stop-and-go traffic while at highway speeds the vehicle is powered solely by the internal combustion engine. During acceleration, both the electric motor and the combustion engine power the driving wheels. By utilizing both energy sources in parallel, power to the wheels is assured in any conditions.

The LFS HEV series hybrid bus is exclusively propelled by the electric motor. In a series hybrid bus, the internal combustion engine is connected to an electric generator which converts the energy produced by the internal combustion engine into electric power. This electricity powers a motor which turns the wheels of the vehicle. The generator also recharges a battery pack which provides supplemental power to the motor. Since the internal combustion engine is not connected to the wheels, it can operate at an optimum rate and can even be switched off for short periods of time for a temporary all-electric operation of the bus.

In both series and parallel vehicles, braking energy normally lost in heat is recuperated through a generator and stored in the rooftop batteries.

Benefits of choosing the LFS HEV

As previously mentioned, given optimal conditions, hybrid drives can offer significant reductions in fuel consumption while using existing infrastructures. The average speed of the vehicle plays an important part in heightening fuel efficiency. Compared to conventional diesel-powered buses, the LFS HEV offers up to 30% reduction on fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

“An important part of Nova Bus’ vision is to be a leader in green efficiency and electro-mobility. We believe that lower-emissions buses help meet urban challenges such as congestion and improve quality of life,” says Stefan Tilk, President Business Region Americas, Volvo Buses.

It also has been proven that hybrids help save on engine and brake maintenance costs since the buses’ configuration puts less stress on these components. Despite the harsh winter conditions they faced, our tested hybrid drive vehicles showed 30% less wear on the front brakes.

Other benefits of operating the LFS HEV include a significant reduction in noise levels, particularly at the rear of the vehicle and outside. Starts and stops are smooth, the series hybrid has no gear shifting and the ride is stable, even in snowy conditions; the end result is a more enjoyable passenger experience.


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