Nova Bus Delivers its 3,000th Nova LFS

Saint-Eustache, Quebec, Septembre 28, 2005—Nova Bus is proud to announce the delivery of its 3,000th Nova LFS bus to Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC), on June 30, 2005. The unveiling ceremony took place at the Nova Bus plant in Saint-Eustache. On hand to mark the occasion were RTC president Daniel Dupuis and general manager Normand Carrier. Also in attendance were a number of distinguished members of Association des Transporteurs Urbains du Québec (ATUQ).

“At Nova Bus,” explained president and CEO Gilles Dion, “our first priority is to provide North American customers with superior-quality buses and unsurpassed service. We are extremely proud to deliver our 3,000th Nova LFS to RTC, a valued Nova Bus customer over the past several years. On behalf of the entire Nova Bus team, I would like to take this occasion to sincerely thank the RTC group for its confidence and for allowing the development of a great partnership between our two organizations.”

The delivery of the 3,000th Nova LFS is a direct result of the business relationships that Nova Bus maintains with its customers. In addition, the outstanding contribution of all Nova Bus employees cannot be overemphasized.

Nova Bus has successfully marketed its Nova LFS in the United States and across Canada for the past 10 years. This highly reliable vehicle stands up to the most demanding weather conditions and offers a fiberglass outer shell, the best stainless steel structure in its class, and a great customer experience at a low operating cost.

Nova Bus, a division of Prevost Car Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Volvo Bus Corporation, which provides financial strength, product development capabilities, and quality manufacturing technology to the world’s second largest motor coach and transit bus manufacturing group. Nova Bus is one of the largest manufacturers of city, suburban, and shuttle buses in North America, including the Nova LFS model, a low-floor bus with a complete stainless steel structure. Known for its highly reliable products, Nova Bus is the first North American heavy-duty bus manufacturer in the urban transportation sector to achieve company-wide ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. The company operates two plants in Quebec, one in Saint-Eustache, the other in Saint-François-du-Lac. These plants celebrated their 25th and 35th anniversaries, respectively, in 2004.


Nova Bus, a division of Prevost Car Inc.
Nadine Bernard, Business Development

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Nova Bus Delivers its 3,000th Nova LFS

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