Nova Bus and CAT roll out first articulated bus in SC

Clemson University students will be able to set their eyes on a new style of transportation. Clemson Area Transit, a trusted Nova Bus partner, is putting into service the first articulated bus in South Carolina this morning.

CAT leads the state with the introduction of new technologies like Nova Bus’ LFS Artic as an economical, efficient way to ease overcrowding on busy routes. “We double the capacity and only use one bus to accomplish as much transportation,” said Al Babinicz, CAT General Manager. “The ‘bendy bus’ technology eventually could help solve transportation problems throughout South Carolina.”

CAT dubbed its LFS Artic the “bendy bus” because of its center articulation that allows the bus to corner tightly and handle city streets as easily as a regular bus. Similar LFS Artic buses are currently in operation in large urban centers including New York City and Montreal.

The high-capacity vehicle provides optimal passenger flow since it offers the industry’s largest center aisle. It is also equipped with Nova Bus’ proprietary electric engine cooling system, resulting in significant fuel savings, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and competitive life cycle costs.

CAT plans to use its LFS Artic primarily on the Red Route to transport Clemson University students, faculty and staff to and from campus. As part of its plan for older buses, CAT expects to retire a total of eight buses, of which several will be replaced by articulated buses.

CAT already owns five 40-ft Nova LFS Smart Buses, purchased in 2012. “We value our partnership with Clemson Area Transit, and we were pleased that they turned to us again for a proven, reliable transit solution to help them tackle their capacity challenge, enhance their productivity and ultimately, better serve the community,” added Jean-Pierre Baracat, President of Nova Bus.

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St-Eustache, February 18, 2012
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Nova Bus and CAT roll out first articulated bus in SC

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