OPPCharge - Fast Charging of Electric Vehicles


Fast charging of Electric Vehicles 


The Nova Bus LFSe (Full Electric Bus) uses the OPPCharge system to recharge its batteries.  The main benefit of that technology is that our e-bus is charged faster and more efficiently with several small charge during the day (instead of carrying a heavy battery).  This uses a common interface shared with several OEM and charging stations suppliers.


As of today, the Volvo Group have a lot of experience with this technology :

150 Electric Buses using 28 high-powered charging stations for ongoing projects in Europe and North America.  Three Full Electric vehicles produced by Nova Bus were put in service in the City of Montreal on May 26.

To help you better understand OPP Charge ultra-fast charging technology, uses here are some highlights and explanations:





The ultra-fast charging stations offer continuous operations

Shorter charging time lets the users run a 24/7 bus service


High Power Charging Infrastructure

Allows an intensive usage and shared infrastructure between buses for a better Return on Investment


Optimized system performance

Less battery, less weight which means more passengers and better consumption


Electricity consumption distributed over day and night

Power Outtake distributed geographically for a better balance on the grid





Height : 4.5 meters (High Ground Clearance)

Grid Voltage : 600V (CAN) / 480V (USA)

Pantograph Voltage : >600V DC

Charging Power : 300 / 450 kW


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OPPCharge - Fast Charging of Electric Vehicles

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