Based on the proven Nova LFS platform, the LFS Artic combines a proven track record with the ability to handle your highest-volume routes. Easily recognizable on the streets, its stately look, including two sections linked by a pivoting joint and covered by a compression-expansion stretching membrane system, earned its popular “bendy bus” nickname.

Designed to deliver passenger capacity, onboard fluidity and easy maneuverability, the LFS Artic is the ideal vehicle for the busiest urban routes or as part of a bus rapid transit system (BRT). Our articulated buses are an affordable alternative to streetcars or light rail and are much simpler to implement in communities as they do not require specific infrastructures.

The LFS Artic offers room for up to 112 passengers including up to 62 seated places and various configuration options. This vehicle as a lot to offer: lightweight design, low floor access, three doors, corrosion-free stainless steel frame along with quick change thermoplastic panels and improved fuel economy from its clean running engine and smart technologies. This technically advanced bus will cost less to operate and maintain during the course of its service life. In addition, the LFS Artic is also offered with hybrid propulsion - the LFS Artic HEV.

The LFS Artic is your high-capacity transit solution for heavy traffic.

Driven by your City

Current operators or recent orders for LFS Artic vehicles include Connecticut Transit, Halifax Metro Transit, STLevis, RTL Longueuil, Montreal STM, MTA New York City Transit, Niagara Falls Transit, Niagara Parks, Outaouais STO, Quebec City RTC, Saskatoon Transit Services, St. Johns Transit Commission, Toronto Transit Commission, University of Colorado Boulder, Duke University and York Region Transit.

Technical Specifications

Propulsion options: ULSD, hybrid
Seating capacity: Up to 62
Loading capacity: Up to 112
Electronic system: Volvo multiplex system (VBEA)
Structure: Stainless steel
Outside shell: Fiberglass and thermoplastic skirt panels
Turning radius (outside body): 44’8”

For more information about the LFS Artic, please contact your Nova Bus Regional Sales Manager or have a look at our technical specifications sheet.


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