Translated from an article by Annie Morin, Le Soleil, November 6, 2013

The Quebec City transit authority (Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC)) is taking the delivery of 33 new standard buses as an opportunity to revamp its branding. The new livery features a modern blue and silver design, inspired by the look of RTC articulated Métrobus vehicles.

RTC President Raymond Dion was proud to present the first of the thirty-three 40-ft diesel-powered vehicles expected this fall. Calling the Metrobuses "the best looking articulated buses in Canada", Dion felt it natural to use them as inspiration. “The product has a strongly branded concept,” he said.

Built by Nova Bus, the low-floor vehicles now have 34 seats rather than 31. The RTC team estimates 500 more people will be have a seat each day. The buses also feature a higher ceiling and adjustable LED lighting to avoid glare at night. Drivers will enjoy more room and smoother starts and stops.

The 2013 diesel engines are more fuel efficient than previous versions. Annual savings of 14,250 liters of fuel and 40 tons of CO2 emissions are expected from the 33 new buses, purchased at a slightly better price than in 2012 – $481,950 apiece instead of $482,971.

Lower maintenance costs

These new additions will rejuvenate the RTC fleet of 625 buses and reduce maintenance costs. Thirty-three first-generation Nova Bus vehicles from 1996 will be retired as the new buses are delivered. The usual service life of a transit bus is about 16 years. After that, mechanical issues become more frequent.

The next buses on order are hybrids. Nova Bus will deliver 56 of them to RTC in 2015. As for the double-deckers the RTC tested in March, a decision will be made in 2014 regarding their purchase. They would be assigned to Xpress routes. “We need to validate their performance and the cost-benefit ratio. That’s what will guide our choice – not just for the sake of having something trendy,” Dion concluded.


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