The Prairies are rising, and Saskatchewan is leading the way, as home to the two fastest-growing cities in Canada. Saskatoon has recorded the strongest growth in the country last year, followed by Regina and Calgary.

“Our economy is booming, as people are coming to Saskatoon from all over the world,” said Bob Howe, Director of Transit. “Our ridership has increased by 3.6% from 2011 to 2012. As one can surmise, traffic congestion and crowded buses is becoming an issue.”

In what has been an ongoing battle with capacity, the Saskatoon City Council approved the recommendation to add two Nova LFX articulated buses to the Saskatoon Transit fleet, bringing its total to 11 articulated vehicles.

“By having articulated buses, we are reducing the overcrowding on some of our higher density routes servicing the University of Saskatchewan. This in turn, also helps reduce traffic congestion on main arterial roads,” he added.

Hitting the road

The two Nova LFX delivered at the end of October will be primarily used on express routes in outer lying neighborhoods that service the University of Saskatchewan and the downtown core – Saskatoon’s two main transit hubs.

“Greater capacity means that no one gets left behind during peak hours because there is not enough room on the bus.  This also provides a bit of room for personal space, which is quite important to us prairie folks.  We are used to the wide open spaces!” he continued.

Saskatoon Transit mentioned they have always been impressed with the quality of Nova Bus built.  Its riders appreciate the comfort, fit, and finish of Nova Bus vehicles. And on a side note, people with mobility aides appreciate the Swivel Zone, which provides extra room to manoeuvre at the front door. 

“Saskatoon is very excited to be adding these 2 Nova Bus articulated buses to its fleet.  With our harsh winter conditions, our operators really appreciate the stability and handling of these vehicles during instances of challenging road conditions and chilly temperatures,” he concluded.

CAPTION: Bob Howe, Director of Transit, Saskatoon Transit


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