Dear readers:

Next week’s CUTA Conference and Trans-Expo in Calgary concludes the 2013 trade show season for us. This annual get-together is important as it provides an opportunity for the Canadian transit industry to recognize significant milestones and prepare to successfully take on whatever lies ahead – to honor the past and build the future.

Embracing change moves our business forward. It allows us to consider new approaches, improve our processes, and become more efficient or “greener”. Our industry’s needs have evolved, and operating environments have changed greatly over time. In a fast-paced world, it is important for us, as a manufacturer, to constructively and continuously challenge the way we do things.

Throughout Nova Bus’ history, our team has always valued an approach to continuous improvement, found innovative ways to develop vehicles that handle North America’s evolving reality, and built long-term partnerships based on trust and sharing expertise.

And in an effort to further strengthen our organization and our improvement structure, we recently created a new vice presidency within our executive team, to oversee continuous improvement and a Project Management Office. This executive will assume ownership of our business processes and lead the efforts to enable us to achieve our organization’s strategic objectives, in the context of our growth.

Our team is driven to successfully fulfill its commitments, and we always take that extra step to reach our objectives. We take pride in developing vehicles and components that reduce fuel consumption, optimize operational life cycle cost and live up to high durability standards.

Building transit buses is what we’ve been doing best for many years. And when it comes to investing in partnership, you won’t find a more dedicated manufacturer than Nova Bus.

For those attending the CUTA conference, stay tuned for the opportunity to see our LFS Natural Gas Smart Technology in action. 

Our team is looking forward to see you in Calgary!


Jean-Pierre Baracat
President of Nova Bus


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