Transit funding has not kept pace with other policy envelopes in spite of continuously increasing ridership numbers and fuel prices. Some transit authorities are struggling to find ways to stay within their budget, often resorting to increasing bus fares or eliminating routes. These are difficult choices to make and generally not well received by users.

Helping transit authorities generate more revenue has been one of the primary focuses in designing our new passenger environment by providing additional advertising space and innovative solutions. We have developed several new components that have strengthened our offer in terms of revenue-generating features. Nova Bus vehicles offer the widest range of advertising possibilities; with a bit of imagination, the creative opportunities are endless.


The average daily one-way commute to work takes 26 minutes, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.  By using public transit advertising, the announcer can target their ads to city residents, students and working women for a fraction of the cost of other targeted media. 

Nova Bus’ new interior design offers two different wall advertising possibilities. Curb-side baselight spaces accept standard 11 inch advertising card frames. Asymmetrical street-side baselights make it possible to create attractive and trendy ad designs using decals with a 90 degree angle. The vertical section can also be reserved for corporate messages down the full length of the bus. Dedicated baselight advertising areas can also be complemented with optional integrated LCD display units that capture passengers’ attention. An LCD screen can also be installed behind the driver’s partition.

Decals are both economical and effective advertising tools. Think about offering the back of each passenger’s seat or the cover of the ITS box as premium advertising space! In addition, the rear windowless option of our new passenger environment provides additional space for advertising inside and outside the bus.

The creative use of stanchions and grab handles in transit advertising position the message directly in the hands of customers for a powerful effect.  Some companies have been using these really ingeniously and their campaigns certainly created that “wow” effect people are still talking about.
Another original revenue-generating feature in Nova Bus vehicles is the possibility of installing vending machines on the front wheelhouses. These are very convenient ways for passengers to purchase umbrellas, ponchos and mints, right when needed. 

Neighborhood-specific digital ads using GPS-targeted technologies are the new trend in transit advertising. Lighted displays installed on the bus can shift between targeted ads as the vehicle travels into different areas of town. GPS-targeted technologies also allow audio messages to be broadcast inside the vehicle during travel. For example, passengers can be informed there is a dry cleaner or a coffee shop located near the next stop.


The bus exterior is literally a moving billboard that can reach many potential customers throughout the city. It is the perfect medium to promote local businesses or target the general public in specific areas of a city. Because of their great exposure and low media rates, using advertising card frames on the vehicle’s side panels offers maximal visibility during bus operation. Full bus-wrap advertisements are becoming very popular in cities as they provide advertisers with dynamic exposure throughout the community. Every one marvels at a colorful 40-ft bus!

There are many advantages to using transit advertising to sell and promote products or services throughtout a city. One of them is the continuous exposure it provides - day and night, week after week, gently implanting your message into the minds of riders and drivers using the same regular route. That’s smart!

For more information about the advertising possibilities in our vehicle, please contact your Nova Bus representative or have a look at our new passenger environment video.


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