Dear Readers,

Nova Bus vehicles have been rolling in the Windy City for 14 years and the story continues; that’s why being part of the 2013 APTA Annual Conference in Chicago holds a very special meaning for us.

Our team recently had the privilege to renew its partnership with the Chicago Transit Authority – one of the largest and most recognized public transportation systems in North America.

And in order to support CTA on the path of continuous service improvement, Nova Bus and its sister company from the Volvo Group, Prevost, are working in synergy on the implementation of a new service team for the Chicago area. We will have dedicated onsite service representatives as well as Prevost service support to ensure a great partnership throughout the buses warranty period.

The strength of our group allows us to provide 14 000 quality jobs in North America. Altogether, the Volvo Group has become one of the largest manufacturers of heavy-duty trucks, buses and construction equipment in the world.

Our cities are growing rapidly and so is the demand for public transit. It is more important than ever for us, as a leading global manufacturer, to listen to our business partners to understand their changing reality and operating challenges.

There are some challenges that are fairly common within the industry: ensuring driver and passenger safety, improving transit accessibility, reducing operating expenses and greenhouse gas emissions and increasing service capacity in a dynamic environment.

Nova Bus addresses these challenges and has developed high-level expertise, Smart products and a service offering to respond to these recurrent concerns.

Challenges create opportunities. And it is in challenging times that industry leaders demonstrate their ability to position their leadership with value-added solutions.

See you at the conference.


Jean-Pierre Baracat
President of Nova Bus


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