Dear NovaFlash readers,
North America is at an exciting crossroads with regards to public transit. Here at the APTA Expo in Houston, I view our industry with optimism and excitement. Together, we are shaping the future of our cities by offering solutions to the economic and environmental challenges of our time.
The development of more efficient and sustainable transportation systems is a good example of how our industry contributes to urban improvement. Reducing traffic, pollution and commute times directly benefit the people in our communities.
At Nova Bus, we believe in Sustainable Mobility. That’s why our ever-expanding product portfolio includes a wide range of greener alternative propulsions. With new contracts for our LFS Natural Gas buses in both the US and Canada, and growing demand for our hybrid technology and high-capacity BRT system buses, we are meeting the needs of our clients with the customized solutions they have been asking for.
And as part of the Volvo Group, we are proud to work in partnership with industry leaders such as Siemens and TM4 to assess the implementation of innovative 100% electric bus systems in North America. We are also delighted to work with our sister company Prevost to provide the strongest network of service centers and the best parts support in the industry.
Our Plattsburgh, NY, plant is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year and has delivered Buy America compliant buses all across the country – in the states of California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, New York and even here, in Texas, to name just a few. This is an exceptional accomplishment that confirms our commitment to job creation and continuously strengthens our presence in America.
Finally, as our current business partners will attest, Nova Bus’ after-sales service is second to none. This year we have given our training team a new brand – NovAcademy – which will enable our clients to easily identify their service provider of choice.
For those attending the APTA Expo, our team looks forward to meeting you at booth #3037 to discuss your needs and your views on this exciting moment in our industry.

Jean-Pierre Baracat
President of Nova Bus, a division of Volvo Group


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