Transit Solutions


Bus Rapid Transit is a cost-effective transportation solution that meets transit authorities’ needs for efficiency, high capacity and reliability, as well as offering passengers speed and comfort.

Using a combination of transit buses, reserved lanes, boarding stations and information management, BRT combines the best of rail and bus services to meet your city’s requirements quickly and affordably.

BRT translates into improved safety and capacity, operating economy and environmental care. Its cost and flexibility make it a viable alternative for communities, while promoting sustainable mobility.

Nova Bus know-how

Nova Bus has the know-how to make your BRT application a success story! Our team of experts has the North American know-how to adapt Volvo’s global BRT expertise to your city. Volvo Bus is the world’s leading supplier of buses for BRT systems, with an 80% market share in articulated buses in Latin America. No other transit bus manufacturer in the country enjoys such advantages.



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