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The Nova LFS Smart Bus® far exceeds APTA White Book crashworthiness requirements and they are built to resist the toughest operating conditions. Our team strives to design high-quality, innovative products including Smart Safety Features that reduce the frequency of accidents, as well as their consequences.

The stainless steel structure

  • A sturdy, reliable structure is the foundation of a well-built vehicle. At Nova Bus, safety and low maintenance costs are also built in. Our stainless steel structure doesn’t need costly structural overhaul and yearly anti-corrosion treatments, impacting warranty coverage and maintenance cost.

Structural protection cell for driver

  • The front structure of Nova Bus vehicles is reinforced with two parallel stainless steel tubes, creating a protective cell for the driver in case of frontal collision. Ultimately, that means offering drivers best possible operating conditions.

Side-impact barriers to protect passengers

  • The high frame stiffness and structural integrity of the LFS® platform increase passenger comfort and safety. Our buses are equipped with side-impact barriers made from the best alloy, to offer superior resistance in the event of a side or rear collision.

*** Click to view a video of our Nova LFS® crashworthiness test ***


Rear end structural reinforcement 

  • Exclusive to our transit buses in North America, structural rear impact barriers are a definite value-added feature since the vehicle’s main components are located at the rear of the bus.

Single windshield

  • The Nova Bus windshield provides maximum visibility for the driver, improves lighting and reduces blind spots to play a key role in preventive safety.

All-wheel disc brakes

  • All-wheel disc brakes have been our standard for years, increasing drivers’ and passengers’ safety. Balanced by design for optimal stability, they reduce braking distance by approximately 50-ft at a speed of 60 mph (15.2 m at a speed of 97 km/h).

At Nova Bus, we never compromise on safety – it is part of our core values.
And that’s why selecting a Nova Bus vehicle is a Smart Choice! 

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